International Support Office staff

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We are your International Support team at the University of Portsmouth Faculty of Business and Law. Find out more about us and what we do here.


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Louise Bragg

Team Leader (International Support)

I have worked in Higher Education (HE) since 2002 with over 10 years of this time spent concentrating on international HE including recruitment, and admissions.

 My role in the Faculty of Business and Law is to manage the International Support Office (ISO), which has been in operation since July 2016. I work closely with senior faculty colleagues to help them deliver our global strategic objectives. I do this by overseeing the work of the ISO, which primarily focuses on administering the processes associated with international student exchanges, international collaborative programmes, and the agreements that enable all these activities to take place.

 Interesting Fact: Both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies were completed at University of Portsmouth. I graduated 11 years apart with Graduation ceremonies on the same date!


Melanie Lang

Lead International Support Officer

I have worked for the University for over ten years, in various roles, and in most recent years my work has been predominantly with international students.  This then led me to my current role within the International Support Office in PBS.

My main duties within ISO entail me working with academic staff on the quality control of current and potential partner agreements with global education institutions.  This includes renewing current agreements with international partners and Erasmus+ partners, and also the initial groundwork administration for new partners before sending to the University Collaborative Programmes Office for drawing up the relevant contract.  Another part of my role includes producing annual statistics on international students that have applied/registered onto PBS courses for future analysis.

Interesting fact: This summer I visited our partner in Prague, the University of Economics, for their annual international week.  This event was attended by 20 other institutions around the globe and was a great experience for networking, meeting one of our partners and seeing a part of the world I have never visited before.



Marion Forgeot

International Support Officer

I started my studies with a degree in Foreign Languages in France. After an Erasmus year in Portsmouth I decided to stay at the university to do my Masters in Communication and Language Skills.  I am now working on a fixed term contract at the Business School.

Along with Kimberley, my role is dedicated to supporting the exchange process for the Business School. I deal with incoming and outgoing students, and liaising with our European and International partners.

I am the first point of contact for partners in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

Interesting fact: I have lived in France, England and Mexico and I speak French, English and Spanish fluently.


Kimberley Greentree(512x640)

Kimberley Greentree

International Support Officer

I am alumni of the University of Portsmouth, completing my LLB (Hons) Law Degree in 2013. I started working for the University shortly after graduating, and then decided to go travelling in July 2014. I came back to my previous role at the University in September last year and moved to the International Support Office this May.

Along with Marion, my role is dedicated to supporting the exchange process for the Business School. I deal with incoming and outgoing students, and liaising with our European and International partners.

I am the first point of contact for partners in the following countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, South Korea and Sweden.

Interesting fact: I lived in Australia for two years.



Kim Carter

 International Collaborations Administrator

I have been an administrator at the University of Portsmouth Business School for 8 years, working to support staff and students on the undergraduate degree programmes.

I now work in the International Support Office where I liaise with our international collaborative partners to support our international students and the administration of the business programmes.

Interesting fact: I was lucky enough to visit one of our collaborative partners in Singapore.



Linda Fisher

International Collaborations Administration

I have worked at the University of Portsmouth for over 25 years with over 10 years in my current role.

I work with Kim Carter and we provide administrative support to all international Collaborative Programmes offered by the Business School.  Currently our Partners are Kaplan (Singapore) and Chindwin (Myanmar), with many more joining in the near future.

I am on Intake 10 with Kaplan and currently have over 500 students, all studying BA (Hons) Accountancy and Financial Management.  In December 2017 Kaplan are starting Intake 1 of BSc (Hons) Economics, Finance and Banking.

Interesting fact:  With my University role I have travelled to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bulgaria many times.


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